Vitamins For Healthy Hair and Skin For Women

We all know that women more than men are very conscious of the beauty of the hair and skin. To achieve a healthy hair and skin, you can do many things, like go to the salon and have a hair and skin treatment, use products that make the hair and skin beautiful or you can take vitamins for healthy hair and skin. Many choose the later.

Essential vitamins

1. Vitamin A – Found mostly on green leafy vegetables, Vitamin A is a potent anti-oxidant essential for good skin and healthy scalp.

2. Vitamin C – Another anti-oxidant good for the hair and the skin which are found on citrus fruits like oranges, also found in pineapple, tomatoes, potatoes and dark green vegetables.

3. Vitamin E – This vitamin helps to enhance scalp circulation. Foods rich in Vitamin E are soy beans, nuts, dried beans and green leafy vegetables.

4. Biotin – Is one of the vitamin B complex that is believed to prevent hair loss and graying of the hair. Because of its capacity to promote keratin formation that is needed for a stronger hair strand. Whole grains, liver, rice, milk and egg yolks are some of the common foods rich in Biotin.

5. Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12 – Group of Vitamin B complex that prevent loss of hair that are found in fish, poultry, milk and other whole grains.

Essential minerals:

1. Calcium – good for hair growth
2. Chromium – prevents hyper and hypoglycemia which cause loss of hair
3. Copper – prevents loss of hair, change in hair structure and color
4. Iodine – regulates the production of thyroid hormone and prevent drying and loss of hair
5. Iron – prevents hair loss and anemia
6. Magnesium – together with calcium, helps to promote growth of hair
7. Manganese – hastens hair growth
8. Potassium – promotes healthy hair and regulates blood circulation
9. Selenium – keeps the skin firm and elastic
10. Silica – provides for a strong hair
11. Zinc – prevents drying of hair

You should always remember that taking multivitamins and minerals as supplements do not constitute a replacement for good food and the needed food for the body. Vitamin and mineral supplements only supports healthy diet and practices to make your body healthy.

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